eJournal on the Final Exam for EDS 103



For around two weeks, I was quite nervous because I didn’t know what to write about. Then, I realized that–perhaps–I could simply continue my sort of “critical reflection” as to the teaching style I have been using for two years now, although more often since last year.

I have been using “hugot” analogies when I teach certain social science concepts to my students. I know there isn’t so much scientific research or critique on this regarding its effectivity: why, when, and how.

I was quite afraid of what I would write or know more about if I would attempt to review or analyze this hugot-style of teaching. I recognize that not all people, not even all students, would find this as helpful. Some would even say that this is distracting, although the same people would react positively when the hugot analogy relates so much to them.

But I am glad I am done with it. At least, I was able to write down my own thoughts. In the future, if I would really want to be evaluated or if there are researchers interested about the subject, I hope my journals and even this final exam paper would be helpful to understanding this phenomena and to provide a more scientific and constructive critique or analysis on this.

Impact (on deeper thinking, understanding, synthesis, plans…)

This somehow made me more conscious of what I am saying or doing as a teacher. It also provided me a more balanced perspective as to the teaching style I wrote about. Just this morning, there was a student who I know appreciated some of my hugot analogies but told me that some of her classmates didn’t like the idea, although they seem silent when asked by her when she clarifies whether or not they learned something from those hugot analogies.

I am glad I wasn’t much offended, and it gave me a good starting point before I wrote my paper. I had to open some of the modules to review and reflect on as I was writing my paper.

I realized with more conviction that, just like other pedagogies and theories, my style and perspective on teaching still has to improve–especially because there isn’t yet much scientific analysis on the hugot-style of teaching.

As to my plans, I wish to continue learning through finishing this PTC program. I am not here to insist ravenously on my own ideas, but I wish to share my thoughts, evaluate it through the lenses of our topics, and read what my peers have to say.

Suggestions (preferences)

I do not have any other suggestion as of the moment. I felt like this course suits my preferences and I felt that it respected my workload as a working student, although I still felt challenged in certain areas of this subject.


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